2 Pcs Ice Roller for Face and Eye, Ice Face Roller Skin Care Gua Sha Tool, Silicone Ice Mold for Face,Facial Ice Roller Skin Care Tool for Face & Eye Puffiness Relief & Remove Fine Lines,Gifts for Her



❄️【High-Quality Reusable Silicone Facial Ice Roller】our ice roller for face is suitable for most skin types, which can brighten skin, enhance your face glow, remove fine lines, shrink pores, reduce pimples and lubricate the skin;Facial ice roller is made of harmless silicone, high elasticity will not easily deform, can be reused and easy to clean. ❄️【Define Your Own Skin Care Tools】Use your creativity and customize the formula according to your specific skin needs, such as adding lemonade, green tea, cucumber water, mint leaves, essential oils, skincare lotion, and various flowers to the ice mold, Freeze for at least 4 hours, and then you can use it. ❄️【Save Money and Versatile】Refillable for a fresh and clean cube each use.the eye ice roller has many functions that can meet your multiple needs; It not only frames and shapes your face, improves skin gloss and leaves you glowing, and can also be applied for body massage, which can effectively promote facial circulation, lubrication skin, making skin more elastic and contraction. ❄️【Easy to Use】Battery Free, Comfortable to hold, fill the Cube with water. After freezing, apply the ice to your skin in 30 second intervals in circular motions. For optimal results, use daily. Warm Tip - Wait a few minutes before opening Ice cube roller, or run under hot water to loosen lid. ❤️【Warm Tip】Before use don't pour the water too full, and keep the connection no water overflow before freezer.After freezing Wait a few minutes before opening Ice Cube Roller, or run under hot water to loosen lid.


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